Test Anxiety Guru 3 CD Set
What people are saying...
“Your program helped me to stay calm so I could think, and access the information I’d studied. This gave me a huge advantage over my classmates who were all total nervous wrecks. I'm the only one I know who passed this exam the first time!”
Ari B., LCSW
“I faithfully listened to my CDs each week for the next six weeks preceding my exam, which was on Nov 4th. The night before the exam I listened once again. When I awoke the following morning, I felt surprisingly relaxed and confident.”
Kathy S., LCSW
“Your techniques were amazing! I passed both the written and written vignette exams on the first try.”
Bob R., LCSW

Your Secret Weapon to pass the Licensed Clinical Social Worker Exam (LCSW Exam)

Test Anxiety Guru presents the most effective and easy to use program available to help you pass and LCSW Exams.

This program has already helped thousands of prospective social workers pass their LCSW Exams. The program was developed and refined by world renowned test performance expert Benjamin Moss, during twenty years of one-on-one sessions with test-taking clients. It is designed to help you:

  • Remain Calm on the Day of the Exam.
  • Enhance Mental Focus and Concentration.
  • Increase Retention and Recall of information for the LCSW Exam.
  • Strengthen and Elevate Self-Confidence.

How it Works

The Test Anxiety Guru program is a 3-CD program. Each CD will help you conquer different aspects of preparing for and taking the exam:

  • CD #1 Relax and Focus: I will help you redirect your thoughts to let go of the excessive anxiety, the fear, the panic and the “worst case scenarios.”
  • CD #2 Total Recall: I will give you a specialized “subconscious cue” to be used when you are studying which allows you to absorb LCSW Exam information more easily, to see issues with a greater clarity of thought, and to retain that information more deeply.
  • CD #3 Test Success: You will focus on rebuilding and elevating self-confidence on the LCSW Exam.

Free Bonus CD

For a limited time, I'll include with every Test Anxiety Guru purchase my Anxiety Release CD. This includes generalized techniques to help you relieve anxiety. You can keep using this CD even after you take the LCSW Exam such as when you're working in your new job.

100% Guaranteed

I insist that you order the Test Anxiety Guru program entirely at my risk. That's why it comes with a Risk-Free, 21-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. There's absolutely NO RISK on your part. I am absolutely confident in the quality of our program and its ability to help you pass the LCSW Exam.

Price: $99.50
Benjamin Moss the Test Anxiety Guru
Benjamin Moss
Test Anxiety Guru
Price: $99.50


The LCSW Exams are very difficult and mentally strenuous standardized tests. You have to do well on a standard written examination that tests your general therapy knowledge, but you also have to pass a clinical vignette exam (CVE) that tests you critical thinking in clinical situations.

The written exam requires tremendous Mental Focus and Calmness in order to pass. Becoming anxious or nervious during the the exam and result in critical mistakes.

The written exam covers a large number of topics. Retention and Recall are critical to absorb the many concepts that must be studied.

Once you pass your exam and meet the remaining requirements then you can become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.